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Gut Check!

In this message, Pastor Nathan looks at two portions of Scriptures on his way to encourage the Body of Christ to remain committed to the process of growing in Christ. God has designed the growth of the individual believer to be in concert with the 5 fold ministry gifts of Ephesians 4. In the process of being equipped and developing in fruitfulness we are going to find 2 tests. Find out what those are and how to pass them in this message.  

T.E.K. Talk - Part 4

In part 4 of T.E.K. Talk, Pastor Nathan looks at the power and problems of words. The Apostle James seems to allude to past events regarding the power of words in redemptive history, both in the Old and New Testaments. Pastor Nathan helps understand what they mean for us. 

T.E.K. Talk - Part 3

You've be designed by God to access and fight in the spiritual realm. Are you aware of and utilizing the instruments God has fashioned you with? In Part 3, Pastor Nathan looks at the weapon and life-directing power of the tongue...your words!  

T.E.K. Talk - Part 2

Discover the "teknology" of heaven in part 2 of T.E.K. Talk (talk, eat, kiss). Your thoughts, imagination, and words are the ways in which you access the heavenly realm. Are you using all the tools God has provided His people to see Him more clearly and live victoriously in His presence? Listen as Pastor Nathan reveals the power of our imagination and how it relates to the most powerful thing in the cosmos...a word

T.E.K. Talk Part #1

The most powerful thing in the cosmos is a Word (John 1:1)! How often have you given that truth consideration? Are you intentional about the words you speak? Do you confess the Word of God consistently?

In part #1 of the T.E.K. Talk series, Pastor Nathan discusses the foundation of our speech, i.e. the human heart, thoughts and imagination. Jesus said that, "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." So it is imperative that you think right to speak right. 

In the 4-part Mighty Warrior series, Pastor Nathan teaches powerful truths from the life of Gideon in the book of Judges, including:

  • Discover your hidden “Warrior wealth”
  • Make sense of the battles in your life
  • Learn how your personal struggles relate to the love of God
  • Understand the Combat Cycle and how it applies to you
  • Learn how to handle angelic visitation
  • Learn why New Testament believers need the Old Testament
  • Learn how to recognize faith-building signs!

As you receive God’s overwhelming grace through the power of His Word, YOU WILL BECOME A MIGHTY WARRIOR FOR HIM! (If you want the entire series please contact us at

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